A Letter to my Aunt Carol

Christmas has always been a difficult time for me.  Since my Aunt Carol passed, it just doesn’t hold the same appeal. I think this year; I may just spend it in a homeless shelter, giving those who are less fortunate a little bit of cheer.

My Aunt Carol, for those who don’t read me on a regular basis, is the woman who took care of me and my mom since I was a wee lass. I dedicate this letter to her so that ALL can get a little taste of what she was like.

My Dear Aunt Carol:

It’s Christmas time Aunt Carol, and as the day grows closer, I feel your warmth, and love upon me. I miss you so much, there isn’t a day that goes by that doesn’t remind me of you. Dad, and you, taught me the joys of life, and for those gifts, I shall be forever grateful.

I remember dad once saying’, “Susan, your aunt Carol is a gem, follow her and watch her shine.” Shine you did, as every Christmas you would organize food drives throughout the city, and then, would help deliver those meals to those who were too poor to enjoy the Holidays.

I remember that one year where you went and picked up 25 people from the homeless shelter, brought them to your house, and then fed them, and all of us. I thought to myself then, (as a child), WHY is she doing this? Years later, I understood your motives, and have followed in your footsteps ever since.

After Dad died, and mom went into her alcoholic depression, you came and took care of me. You fed me, clothed me, but most important of all, you LOVED me.

You made SURE that I followed the right path, encouraged me when I was down, and never scolded when I was in trouble, but (what I called lessonized) me so I would walk the straight and narrow.

When I displayed my lesbian tendencies, you merely treated me as a Human Being, and NOT someone who was “messed up”.  I took your lesson well, and have always tried to treat others the way YOU did.

I’m writing this because I never TOLD you all of this in person. I want you to know that I respect you, learned from you, but MOST importantly, I LOVED you.

If there IS a God, I sincerely know that you will be at His side him watching over me, and directing me, and to continue your wishes. I love you, Merry Christmas.







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