Ass Man/Boob Man–Ass Woman/Six Pack


Ass Man/Boob Man–Ass Woman/Six Pack

OK…We haven’t had any real disgustingly course and plain outright arousing posts so I thought I would write one. For years (I’ll admit it), I have been an Ass Woman. Now, that doesn’t mean that I certainly don’t enjoy a good six pack either ( I’m talking about hard bods, NOT beer), Gheese.

I must admit I am a sucker for a nice small tight ass. If you own a nice tight ass I COULD be yours for the night. Sooooooo, I am taking a little survey here…How many our you guys have tight little buns…Noooo, that wasn’t it Sue, back on point here, how many of you guys are boob men and how many are ass men.

Ladies…I would love to hear from YOU too…Six Packs or tight little asses. I ANXIOUSLY await your responses.  Don’t be shy now come on, let’s hear it…Ass/Boobs—Ass/Six Packs… Oh come on now….It’s JUST a fun survey, and MAYBE, I can even get a date. *Smiles*

Until Later…

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