Just Ask Sooz


Dear Sooz:

My boyfriend and I have a great Sex life UNLESS he has been drinking. It seems like when drunk, there is NOTHING I can do to well, WAKE UP Mr. Happy. I love my boyfriend and don’t want him to think I’m a NAG, but, I just want him to “get it up and get it on.” How shall I approach this?

Shriveled in Shreveport

Dear Shriveled:

This IS a HARD one…Sorry…Pun intended. I know exactly how you feel. You Love him and don’t want to appear to be a nag, yet, you ALSO wanna be able to Knock Boots Together. Try this, The next time he is drunk and can’t perform, tie a splint on to Mr. Happy with a Popsicle stick and some Scotch Tape. This should let you BOTH get your way. I hope this helps you.

Dear Sooz:

My husband is a CONSTANT flirt. He flirts with EVERY woman he sees. He is very funny and the women all seem to love him to pieces. He has never cheated on me that I KNOW of, but I am afraid that one of these flirtations may just turn into something more than just flirting. What should I do?

Jealous Jennie

Dear Jealous:

This is an easy one. You do the same thing that HE does with other men. Chat them up…Touch their shoulders…Laugh at EVERYTHING they say and HANG on their every word. If my guess is correct, his male ego will kick in and he’ll get pissed off. When he confronts you, tell him that HE is doing the exact same thing and now maybe he can understand YOUR feelings. If he Just doesn’t GET it, go ahead and just sleep around with every man you see. Obviously he is clueless and deserves to be treated like the FOOL he is…Good Luck…

Until Later…

17 thoughts on “Just Ask Sooz

  1. What about us guys that have no clue other women are always flirting with us? My wife thinks it is hilarious and she will point out each one that is doing it, and after I am shown who and what, then it is like “oh”, well look at that. 😀


  2. Dear Sooz,
    You make me laugh a lot. For example, just now I was reading this post and I laughed but the laugh sounded a bit like a cow coughing, and I’ve never heard myself make that noise before, and now I’m worried that I will always laugh like a cow coughing. What shall I do?
    Worried of London


    • Dear worried:
      That is a very common problem after reading my material…My advice…Take Two SALT LICK BLOCKS in their entirety and then call me in the morning if the cow laughing continues…Good Luck…


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