Just Ask Sooz

Angry Woman

Dear Sooz:

I am in a pickle and I need your help. My husband recently became disabled when he was involved in a car accident. Money wise, we are fine, but here is my problem. When my husband, Steven, became disabled, my mother-in-law immediately wanted to give up her job and come over to help take care of her son.

I dislike my mother-in law to the “N” Th degree and do not want her here. She is a demeaning, controlling, Bitch who only will make things worse. The problem is, Steven, wants her to help with his care and says I’m just being selfish.

It seems Sooz that I am between a rock and a hard place here, any suggestions? I love my husband and don’t want to hurt his feelings, I’m just afraid all Hell will break loose once she is here.


Dear Help:

Explain to your husband how she makes you feel when she is around you. Tell him that you are perfectly capable of taking care of him while he heals, and that it WOULDN’T be a good idea for his mother to QUIT her job since you can handle his care yourself..

If she DOES come, talk to your mother-in law about how she makes you feel, and then DON’T take any crap from her. Remember, it’s YOUR house and NOT hers. Be civil, but stay strong. Maybe if your Mother-in-law knows how you feel, she will back off and display an entirely different side. Good luck.




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