Sexy Tuesday Poetry-Summer Love


Speak to me, oh winds of Summers glory,
Let me mark this breath upon my bosom.
Feel my skin, as soft as velvet,
And let thy lips caress my gentle body.

Your smile speaks volumes upon my wanton heart,
While your eyes caress my very soul.
Make me NOT beg for thy loving touch,
Yet, devour me, as the bird does the seed.

My love is steadfast and true, my darling,
And my heart doth beat like a child, who awaits a Christmas morn.
Take me in your arms, love me like no other,
And forever, let me remain within your sweet embrace.

Sexy Tuesday–Drunken Lust


Friday night, it’s been a LONG week, I’m hot, tired, and I need a drink. Rush rush rush, that’s what I do ALL day, no time to eat, and now, it’s party time. I’m excited and need some excitement.

Tonight is MY night for love, it’s been a while since I’ve had REAL Human contact and I will dress for sex. The lower cut the better tonight as I rummage through my closet and make sure that heads will turn in MY direction.
A cougar on the loose, that’s me, as I pick up my clutch, and head for the club. My body is starving for touch, Just THINKING about going home with someone starts my body to get moist, I am sexy, and ready as I enter the club.

The Music is blaring as I saunter over to the bar, making sure that my breasts are doing their work. As expected, heads turn as I order a dirty martini and try to act nonchalant.
I’m only sitting there about 5 minutes when a young 20 year old something pulls up a seat next to me and offers to buy me a drink. He is cute, so I say sure, the night has started.
Five or six drinks later, I am drunk and he has his hand down the back of my pants, feeling my ass when he asks if I wanna go home with him. Without hesitation, I slur, SURE, and he walks me to his car. A slow wet kiss is followed by a quick breast feel as he helps me.
We arrive at his place, a nice house in an up and coming neighborhood, he helps me out of the car and we go inside his home. I am drunk and willing, as he picks me up and carries me up to his bedroom.
He lights a candle which throws off beautiful shadows as he slowly disrobes me. His mouth is HOT against my heaving breasts, signals are sent to my pussy and I am FLOODED with wetness…
I am hisHe takes me, ties my hands against the bed posts and does the same with my feet. He undresses as I watch him and i can see that he is hung like a horse. I start to heave from excitement as he takes his hardened member and places it in my mouth.
Ready, willing, and EAGER am I to accomodate him, I lick and suck his hardness until I can see the excitement on his face. I tell him…”Let me TASTE your manhood”, as he moves it in and out of my mouth. “No He says, “I am saving my cum for your breasts”.
He removes his penis and starts rubbing it up against my wanting breasts. He cups me and moves his manhood between my ample crevices. I can tell that he is about to explode by his growing cries and his increasing hardness.
He SQUEEZES my breasts close against his throbbing cock until he climaxes all over my breastsI want it BAD now as he slowly wipes his cum over my chest and then permits me to taste it from his finger.
I yell out…”Eat me…..Eat me NOW….PLEASE!!!” Slowly kissing me from my breasts down, he arrives at the forbidden zone and starts to work his magic. As soon as his tongue swirls around my clit, I am HIS and I burst into an Orgasmic convulsion. Three more times he makes me scream with pleasure and NOW… He is hard again.
“Take me I moan”, as he places his hardened cock DEEP inside me, filling me with his passionOMG!!! He is Soooooo thick and again, I climax. Back and forth and in and out and thenHe arches his back and again explodes, THIS time inside me, filling me with his LOVE potion.
Untying me, we kiss and both collapse within each others arms. A Friday night to remember—Mission Accomplished.
Until Later…



Sexy Tuesday–Once

           Sexy Tuesday–Once


Once, I had a dream. A dream so very real.
I heard the softness of your voice, and the whisper in your smile.
I felt the gentleness of your loving touch consume my very soul.
Your arms, grasping me in a loving embrace, send me into a fever’s pitch.

Silence like a rain-soaked night quiets my lusting spirit.
I search for the light in a dream filled stupor, aching so badly not to come to conscientiousness.
Let me LIVE the dream, I pray,
and forever be ensnared within your love.

Sexy Tuesday


Gentle breezes flow as night time shadows confiscate sunlight’s glory.

Finally alone, our eyes meet, and passions fury consumes our flesh.

Slowly, he kisses me tenderly. Passion rages as my loins drip from my lust.

He brings me close, caressing my breasts and kisses me from the depths of his emotion.

I can stand it no further; I stroke his capable shaft until it rises willingly.


Clothes fall to the floor; restraint no longer contained.

Breathing labored now, he enters my willing flesh.

Loves labor strokes lust’s pleasure as he deeply penetrates my wanton spirit.

In… Out…, In…Out…No longer could I contain my pleasure.

Building…Building… At last I am consumed by Nature’s desires and explode in a sensual crescendo.


Alone again, I smile, and take pleasure from my lovers picture.









Sexy Tuesday Poetry




Once upon a whisper, twice upon a dream,

Your essence sings to my soul’s melody.

Wrapped in love’s arms, and ignited by lust’s passion,

I embrace your silent call upon my heart.


Live deep within my being,

Fire my passion, yet quiet my soul.

Love me till eternity’s end,

And let our hearts beat as one.

Sexy Tuesday–Restless Nights–


Night’s shadow masks the Day’s light as I rest my weary head.
Visions of a summer’s day flash before my heavy eyes.

I’m reminded of picnics past, and picnics still to come.
I’ engulfed by your smiling eyes, as they dance upon the corners of my wandering mind.

Hand in hand, we walk, embracing the laughter that touches my wanton heart.

The eyes of my graceful goddess sends comfort to my restless soul.

Sleep, oh precious sleep, why doth thou forsake me?

Rest thy head in comforts knowledge, as my love returns by week’s mark.

Be still thy beating heart, for if patience makes the heart grow stronger,
Then mine shall embrace loves passion as do boulders rest upon a statuesque mountainside.

I sleep now the restful sleep, as I dream about thy beauty in night’s embrace.

Sexy Tuesday Poetry



The winds of love blow heavy upon my wanton soul.

My breast fills from thy loving warmth,
And my heart aches for thy embrace.

Touch, a sensation which starts the bloodiest of wars,
Yet, soothes the savage beast.

Thy love has touched my soul and satisfied it’s burden.

Speak not of unrequited feelings,
For those have been dashed by Cupid’s arrow.

May the Heavens open, and the birds sing,
As my heart doth take to flight.

Receive my soul, and embrace my heart,
For, eternity’s reign, my spirit becomes thine.

Sexy Tuesday



Tonight’s The Night.

See me dance Au-natural in the glow of moonlight’s charm.
Holding you in my hands, drinking from thy forbidden fruit.
Wishing that thy nectar would continue to course through my body ’till eternity’s demise.

Spare me no mercy lover, make me drunk from thy strength,
Make me submit to thy powerful come hither spell.
Touch my danger zone with thy forceful poison.
Consume me until mornings light, then let the dance begin again.


Sexy Tuesday–The Softer Side of Sooz

Come lie with me and be my mate.
Let the Earth keep turning while night shadows pass,
While love’s spark ignites our passion,
And our bodies burn within it’s flame.

Touch my breast, the food of life.
Let me feel you suckle it’s milk, and…
While drinking in my heart’s desires,
I Feel your warmth, as I caress thy tender flesh.

I NEED you now as my body submits to thy powerful thrusts.
Bring me to my glory love,
Make me Rise and Fall from Lust’s domain,
Feel me quiver, as my body falls limp within your arms.

Give me now thy sweet embrace, and…
Feel my lips upon your face.
Through the dawn till evening falls,
I am yours till Heaven calls.