The Blanket of Love

Hold me close.
Let me feel your loving arms close around my shoulders.
Whisper sweet nothings, and let me feel your breath.
Pull me in, touch my lips, move me.

Wrapped within a dream, I must not awake.
My head is spinning, my body, in kind, responds with sensual delight.
Love me on Forever’s path, as I am comforted within your arms…
Stay with me in Heavens glory, and forever, let me bask in thy embrace.

Touch Me…Feel Me

I am WET, I am HOT, My body is in a raging fire that can only be quenched by the touch of my hand. It has only been two hours since the last time, and yet, I feel the NEED, the CRAVING deep within my loins, crying out for satisfaction.

I am in a state of heightened sexual tension and I NEED to pacify this urge, this addiction that only my touch can accomplish. I lock the door of my office, have all my calls held, and then lie on my couch WAITING for my NEED to be satisfied.

My dress is already raised, and my blouse loosened for the next step, my salvation is forthcoming. My hand takes the lotion that is near me, and applies its creamy texture to my breasts, and my nipples as I squeeze them gently, making them hard.

My loins, already soaked and dripping like drops of rain down my panties, YURNS for my softened hand. Slowly, I part my panties and dive into my sea of pleasure. Slowly at first, making sure that all areas of my pleasure box have been covered.

I am quietly starting to moan in pleasure now as my two fingers slip in and out of my scented garden. I am writhing in pleasure as my fingers find their way around my pea shaped pleasure button. Slowly at first, and then faster and faster until I can NO LONGER contain my pleasure.
Gasping and moaning, I raise my back and explode into ecstasy. Silently, I lay there until my pulsation has been quieted. I am satisfied until the next time. Welcome to MY world…

Until Later…

Miley Cyrus…SERIOUSLY????



OK people, here’s the thing, like other Disney stars who grew up and started to come into their own, Miley has just joined the ranks. She has been the cute little cuddly bear that everyone loves and just wants to give a hug to.

She is 20 years old now folks and is just trying to shed that goodie goodie two shoes persona. Well congrats. Miley, you certainly DID that at the VMA performance.

Let’s be frank here…Britney did it, Christina Aguilera did it and now Miley…What’s all the hoop la about people??? She is just changing her little girl image into something more mature, (Like a gutter slut). Are WE the ones to judge?

People get so uptight even in today’s day and age with people acting a little sexy, or having a wardrobe malfunction where you can see their Hoo Ha’s. Here’s a thought…Hoo Ha’s all look the same, as do boobs and dicks. Well, OK, I realize size and shape changes but…Bottom line, we are ALL the same animal.

I say if Miley wants to have a little fun with Robin’s thick…I mean Robin Thick, I say it’s HER life and HER career, let her go for it. Why should we all be so SHOCKED when she sticks her tongue out anyway, after all, she is ONLY seeking a Lollypop.

If Miley wants to go the same route as Britney or Lindsay Lohan, I say let her go for it. Sometimes you just have to make your own mistakes before you get back on the straight and narrow. We’ve ALL done it…YES…Even YOU…

I say good for YOU Miley, you just keep bumpin’ and grindin’ away and sooner or later you will find your rightful place…As Ryan Seacrest would say…”Peace Out.”


Wicked Wednesday-The Fluffernutter-

****************NO ONE UNDER 18 ADMITTED****************


Today I am going to be talking about Masturbation. Yes, I know, what does a Fluffernutter have to do with Masturbation? NOTHING…I just thought the name sounds euphemistically better than Masturbation.


Masturbation has such a dirty name here in the US and I hope I can change that way of thinking. As most of you who read me know, I am a Nymphomaniac. Because I have such a HIGH sex drive, I NEED to either have sex with a partner 6-8 times per day…BZZZZZZZZZZZZZ….OR, masturbate…DING DING DING!!!


Let me just clear up a couple of age old taboos here. First of all, if you masturbate a LOT, you are NOT going to go crazy. Take me, for example, I am living proof. OK…I HEARD that comment way back in the cheap seats.


Secondly, you are NOT going to go BLIND, well, completely blind anyway, you MAY have to get glasses eventually….JUST KIDDING…Hmmmmmm….


Last, masturbation is NOT dirty. We NEED it to relieve stress and relax. There now, feel better? Now you can have a fluffernutter all you want without having ANY reservations.


For those of you women out there who may not know HOW to FLUFF and give yourself great orgasms, let me help walk you through it. First, you need a Vagina…Check… I’m going here today with a Woman’s masturbation technique because well, I’m a woman. Of course, I ALSO know how to FLUFF men but today, it’s ALL about us woman. Pay attention guys, you just MIGHT learn something.


Now, if you are a little shy about your body and don’t cum to  orgasm, let me help you out here. I am usually a little drunk, (except while at work), I just feel that this adds to my orgasm. I am NOT saying however that YOU have to be under the influence of alcohol, for me, it just helps me to relax.


Now, there are two types of Orgasms, clitoral, and vaginal. At work, or if I just need a quickie, I go for the clitoral orgasm. At home however, I go for the BIG BAD BANG orgasm.


For the clitoral orgasm, I just wet my fingers with my tongue, and then wet my pussy. I stroke myself up and down along the outside of my vaginal lips, then I place two fingers inside and slowly make a circle around my clit. I am VERY careful however not to touch it yet as I want to build the excitement. I LOVE my breasts and nipples felt so with my other hand, I am usually cupping and gently squeezing my breasts and then pinching my nipples while I slide my finger like a cock in and out of my pussy.


I do this for a while until I am nice and excited, then, I slowly rotate my two wet fingers around my clit. It doesn’t take me long to feel the urgency to cum. I can now feel a wave of NEED pulsating through my body.


I lean back, spread my legs wide, and re-enter myself with my wet fingers. It takes no longer than 5 seconds for the wave to overcome me and my body just pulsates and explodes with excitement.


Try it ladies….You’ll LIKE it…Next week, I will explain how to make most any woman squirt from the pleasure of a vaginal orgasm….Stay tuned guys and gals…


Until Later…

Masturbation Monday Poem


Pictures of you dancing in my head, make my soul quiver with intensity.

I FEEL you as your full lips meet mine, our heads together, and your hands upon my bosom.

I feel myself flush, and the wetness from within is like a gentle rain watering a garden.

I can stand it no longer; the night is long and loves LUST demands satisfaction.

Slowly I feel the forbidden fruit as I slide from the mountains, to the plains, and arriving at my final destination, the valley of pleasure.

My breath quickens as the lust within me rages.

Faster and faster my fingers toil, the moaning responds like a coyote howling in the moonlit sky.

I feel the Earth shudder as the arching of my back and Lust’s love sends me into Heavens pleasure.

Once again, my mind returns me to your image. I feel you gently embrace my love, and hold me within your loving arms.

I am satiated once again.